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brett3I don't think I can play any other way but all out. I enjoy the game so much because I'm putting so much into it.
-George Brett, Kansas City Royals

If I stay healthy, I have a chance to collect 3000 hits and 1000 errors.
--George Brett (luckily he improved to a Gold Glove Fielder)

If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out!
--George Brett

George Brett could roll out of bed on Christmas morning and hit a line drive.
ó John Schuerholz

I think when George goes to heaven, there will be the Babe and Gehrig and a few of the really, really great ones all hanging around together, and one of 'em will say: 'Hey, that's George Brett.
---Fred White



George Brett could get good wood on an aspirin.
-- Jim Frey

With most great players on other teams, you notice how great they are. But when they become teammates and you see them everyday, you notice the flaws. It is exactly the opposite with George Brett.
--- Jim Sundberg


This tells us all and makes it very clear how lucky we were. Whether a teammate or a fan, we either got to play with or watch the best player of our time. From the day he graduated from high school and went through the minor leagues, he developed as a person and a player within the organization. He wore one uniform, one number and finished here. This is the culmination of a great career and whether youíre a fan or teammate, you were privileged to have such a player playing in the city.
-- Paul Splittorff



To the organization, he is the first to get some place (Hall of Fame) that no one has been before and that makes this brighter. Thatís taking the crown jewel and putting it in a great big jewelry box. When it came to national exposure, George Brett is synonymous with Kansas City than any other player.
-- Dennis Leonard, former Royals pitcher

He was always the guy - he was the clutch guy. Not only with the manager, coaches and his teammates, but the fans knew more often than not in a clutch situation heíd come through because he was so mentally tough and he accepted being that guy.
---Denny Matthews

His success in the playoffs and World Series in clutch situations really elevated him from the local to national scene. He had that national spotlight and stage to perform on. Itís one thing to be in the Post Season and on stage, but itís another to come through. A lot of guys have been on that stage, but few have produced as he did.
-- Denny Matthews


George Brett has always been a Hall of Famer, both as a player and a person. From the day he started his career at Billings (Montana) through his last game, Georgeís work ethic and determination was second to none. His hard-nosed style, charisma and ability to deliver in clutch moments made him the first superstar in Kansas City. Georgeís accomplishments and contributions during the last 28 years remain everlasting throughout the organization and our community. The Royals organization is proud of the fact that George has been associated with the Royals since the onset of his professional career.
-- Herk Robinson, Royals Executive Vice President and General Manager

If youíve ever played golf with him, youíd know heís so competitive that he canít stand to lose. He canít sit down and play a card game that he doesnít want to beat you. Thatís the way he played baseball. If he had to, heíd take it in his own hands and win the ballgame.
-- Jamie Quirk, former Royals catcher and current Royals coach

helmet toss

He was clearly one of the best players of his generation, but he had a style that spanned the generations. He looked and carried himself like a baseball player and could have been at home in any era. He was the kind of guy who conveyed something to fans thatís very important, which was that he thought of himself first and foremost as a baseball player. There was nothing in the world that he would rather be doing than playing baseball every day when he was on the field.

-- Bob Costas, NBC broadcaster

One of the most memorable things about George was the batting title in 1990. We were putting the pencil to the numbers to figure when was best to play George and sure enough, we were able to get it done. He was not only a friend, but he was one of the best players in the game. With the three batting titles, the championships and post-season play - whenever you needed anything done, everyone had confidence that heíd get it done. In fact, the first game I was managing, he hit a homer in the bottom of the 10th to win it.
-- John Wathan, former Royals catcher and manager

Trying to replace who may be the best third baseman to play the game wasnít an easy task. It was the biggest challenge of my career to replace George whenever he was unable to play. But one of the biggest thrills in my career was being able to say that I played when he couldnít play. Itís just a memory that Iíll keep the rest of my life - to play the same position at the same time on a team with a Hall of Famer.
--- Greg Pryor


Any time you can play with a Hall of Famer, then it is something special to remember. Iíve seen great players make great plays many times. But he was the greatest clutch hitter Iíve played with or against. He was an excellent hitter through hard work and played at the right time against great teams like the Yankees. He hit .390, won three batting titles and always seemed to be there at the right time with clutch hitting."
-- Frank White

The greatest thing he taught me was on my first day in the big leagues -it was the hustle. He hit two one- hoppers to the pitcher and ran as hard as he could to first base. He set a great example for me to model my career. His hustle and desire - those were the little things that stood out for me. Plus heís one of the greatest hitters Iíve ever played with.
-- Kevin Seitzer

One of the things that's helped George Brett become such a great player is that he never worried about politics and all that stuff that goes on around a team. George was always more interested in looking for a pitch to hit hard than playing politics or talking about management.

---Hal McRae



I love George Brett, George is everything that's right about baseball, and not just because he's a good hitter. I want you to know that George Brett will never be a selfish player. My only worry about him is that he plays without fear, and that he might hurt himself - end his career. He doesn't fear the baseball, which frightens you. An injury could cost him. How much? You'll laugh, but if George doesn't hurt himself seriously, someday you'll see him in the Hall of Fame. I played with Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews and some other great players. George will be in that class.

----Charley Lau

I've always loved the way he played the game of baseball, and I also thought he was the most dangerous hitter I ever faced - certainly in the American League. Back with Cincinnati, I used to walk the Giants' Willie McCovey all the time because he could just kill you. I thought I'd never treat another hitter that way, but I wound up doing it with George.

---Sparky Anderson

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